Bridging the gap for SMB's

Our platform connects three key stakeholders: Critical Infrastructure Organizations, SMB's, and Local Government,
fostering effortless communication and cooperation. Bridging the communication gap for small and medium-sized
businesses, the lifeblood of our communities, we know you need a way to stay informed about challenges, opportunities,
and the collective impact your business can achieve while being a driving force of our economy.

Who we serve

Small business owners, a women and a man, in front of a storefront with a sign that says "Open".

Small to Medium Businesses

Free for small to medium sized teams to streamline your communication with critical infrastructure organizations and local government agencies, to align during challenges, opportunities, and recovery efforts to increase revenue, impact, and resilience.
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Doctor, politician, and construction foreman speaking together.

Infrastructure Organizations

Our platform helps organizations responsible for essential services, such as healthcare, energy, and transportation, collaborate more effectively with businesses and local government for improved resilience and resource coordination.
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A diverse group of men and women at a city council meeting in front of microphones.

Local Government Agencies

Municipal, county, and regional governments can utilize the IPN platform to improve communication with critical infrastructure organizations and businesses in their area, fostering economic growth and community response capabilities.
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What we offer

Emergency Collaboration

A private network built for organizations to collaborate while driving business resiliency and community impact.

B2B Networking

Find and collaborate with organizations seamlessly using industry categorized profile listings.

Grants & Bid Listings

Community bids and requests, product listings on the platform support economic mobility and resilience.

Easy Reporting

In app dashboard reports provide tracking and metrics for your organizations impact on the platform.

Business Profile

Provides visibility for your service or event listings, website and social media links, making it easy to share.

Verified Organizations

We confirm every organizations entity status before admittance to the platform. We like to know who were working with.

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