Aligning organizations to  increase impact.

Our platform interconnects local organizations, frontline needs, and the full spectrum of stakeholders. Including small to enterprise businesses, local and national government, aid organizations and philanthropies, on a single aggregated communications platform.

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The right tools to align organizations and communities

Whether on a Tuesday or during a natural disaster, connect with trusted organizations to elevate impact, deploy aid to those most in need.

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Secure Collaboration

A private network built for organizations to collaborate while driving community impact.

Seamless Networking

Find and collaborate with organizations seamlessly using organization profile listings.


Community Requests on the platform support the exchange of resources for those in need.

Dashboard Reporting

Dashboard reports provide tracking and metrics for your organizations impact strategy.

Social Impact Profile

The social profile provides your company information, events, website and social media links.

Verified Organizations

We confirm every organizations entity status before admittance to the platform.

Collaboration Is Key


Of all economic sectors will be impacted by climate change


Estimated GDP lost due to potential infrastructure failure


Of companies don't have a
plan for when disasters strike.

Why we're not a nonprofit...

In order to support organizations and communities the research showed us that becoming a nonprofit was not the way to go. Impart Inc is a Social Corporation on our way to a B-corp certification. Learn more ->