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Empowering Startups and SMB's to take the lead

All those late nights, the sacrifices you've made with family and friends, to pursuit your passion and make change in the world...

Startups and small businesses are the change makers, the hero's of your communities. We're here to bolster how you work, give your organization visibility, and connect you to likeminded organizations to increase your revenue and impact. We're here to support all the mom and pop shops, the gig workers, freelancers, startup founders and small business owners who make social impact happen everyday. Collectively we can do this, one collaboration at a time. Book a discovery call >

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Startup Entrepreneurs

You're bringing important ideas, products, and services to the table. You're trying to do big things, maybe solve the worlds biggest challenges. Let's connect you to organizations who align with your values, the critical problems you're trying to solve, make you visible to other change makers so you can change the world together.
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Small & Medium Businesses

Your business is small but mighty. You see customers on a daily basis, know their names, their families, know the challenges in your community. You support them, giving good everyday. We're here to support you, change maker. Bringing you tools and opportunities to expand your revenue and your social impact.
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Nonprofits Organizations

Impact is your goal, so let's create a mutually beneficial ecosystem. This collaborative approach not only amplifies the potential for financial success but also strengthens the bonds that connect businesses and organizations like your's dedicated to making a meaningful impact in your community and change in world.
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What we offer


Built for organizations to collaborate while driving business resiliency and community impact.

B2B Networking

Find and collaborate with organizations seamlessly using industry categorized profile listings.

Opportunity Listings

Community bids and requests, product listings on the platform support economic mobility and resilience.

Easy Reporting

In app dashboard reports provide tracking and metrics for your organizations impact on the platform.

Business Profile

Provides visibility for your service or event listings, website and social media links, making it easy to share.

Verified Organizations

We confirm every organizations entity status before admittance to the platform. We like to know who were working with.

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